We would like to inform you about the measures Hostal del Sol is implementing due to Covid-19 and that way guarantee the maximum security to our guests, giving the best and safest service.

Our hearts and thoughts are with all of you who have been affected by this pandemic, and we wools like to thank all the professionals who are making a great effort to take care of the infected  and preventing the spread of the virus.

As safety and tranquility of our guests has been always been a priority , now is mora than ever. We guarantee the highest standards of cleanliness and hygiene.

We have implemented extraordinary and additional measures when cleaning the rooms.

We have incorporated UV Control Air Purifiers into our facilities. They have a set of filters that retain dust, muted, bateria and even viruses inside, in addition to a UV Sanitization system. This innovate disinfection system has fungicidal properties, destroying bacteria, viruses and germs through oxidation. They have a bounce function: eliminate pollutants that are not part of the clean and dry air and also filter the sun´s ultraviolet rays, acting as a shield for UVC rays in its ozone layer. It is considered the fastest and most effective microbiocidal agent known. 

In general our main objective is:

Ensure full compliance with the regulations of the health authorities and maximum protection of the health and hygiene of all.

Customers have hydroalcoholic solution dispensers in the common areas of the establishment.

We offer our customers three-fold protection masks at cost price.

We force our workers to use nitrile gloves and special protection masks to clean surfaces.

The hostel’s cleaning plan has been expanded and reinforced.

We are coordinated with the competent health authority.

Strict follow-up of the sanitary recommendations made by all official organisms for tourist establishments.

The processes of interaction between employee and guest have been identified and analyzed, these being modified and adapted, without affecting the quality of our service.